Fanuc CNC Course - Jan 2019
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FANUC CNC Certification Course

GLAMC now offer innovative educational and technical training certification programs for Advanced Manufacturing careers at our campus in Croswell, MI.


MAMC FANUC CNC Mill certification classes times are customized to your level of proficiency and for individuals without machining experience classes are blended (online) and on site over a 60 hours of instruction. On-site / hands on classes are scheduled for both days and afternoons. Corporate / Industry sponsored classes are from 8:30-4:00 pm Monday-Friday.  Times and days subject to change and are based on student and instructor schedules.

MAMC is committed to ensure all training participants meet the required industry and FANUC CNC standards prior to earning certification, and adults who are less proficient with CNC and machining skills enrolled in the course, may require supplemental learning resulting in extended class time/days to earn the nationally recognized FANUC CNC certification.


Course Description

This blended learning course both on-site (hands-on) and E-learning provides an in-depth knowledge of CNC as it relates to the machine tool metal cutting industry. The fundamental CNC concepts of tooling and work offsets, machine setup, and basic machine maintenance will be covered through text materials, demonstrations, and hands on activities. Upon completion of this course, the student is expected to display a working knowledge of CNC programming including coordinating systems and G & M codes. The course is designed to ensure the learner earns nationally recognized FANUC CNC industry certification upon successful completion and mastery of the course content. Blueprint reading exercises will be performed to develop students' spatial aptitude and visual acuity. Safety is greatly emphasized and practiced daily. 


Attendance Policy

In the pursuit of academic achievement it is important for all students to be focused, engaged, and well behaved at all times:

Regular attendance is necessary for successful completion of this course.  Learners must attend all classes. Excessive absenteeism will have a detrimental effect on the student’s class completion. Please contact the instructor as soon as possible when you must miss a class. The same criteria an employer uses to evaluate absences will be used here, including dismissal from the class.

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